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What should I expect if I am joining SIMA for the first time?

Some tips and prep you can do to make sure your experience joining SIMA for the first time is easy and efficient.

Joining SIMA, while relatively easy, does take a little investment of your time. In order to ensure your account is setup correctly, and to help us understand your needs as well as the general trends in the industry, we do ask for some specific information and recommend you be prepared with the following information:

  • Annual Snow Revenue and Annual Total Revenue: We currently require this in our portal as it helps us understand and fit the best resources to our customers/members, as well as it helps us understand the general size and scope of the companies in the industry as a whole. This information is kept confidential and not shared online or with third parties.
  • Products/services offered: We ask that you choose a company type and give us some demographic info about the products/services you sell. This information is searchable in our directories online.
  • Code of Ethics: We require that any new join to SIMA agree to our Code of Ethics, as we make all efforts to work with members who are ethical, in good legal standing, and conduct themselves professionally.

Additional decisions during the join process

There are multiple types of companies who join SIMA, so make sure you understand the membership type that fits you. Other items to consider:

  • Multi-year options: We offer membership joins/renewals for more than 1 year at a time, providing savings for you, simplifying the administrative process of having to renew each year, and providing more continuity in your membership experience. Consider a multi-year join as you will have that option.
  • Member directory: Most of our members want to be displayed/searchable in our member directories, but there is an option to opt-out during the final phases of the membership join/renewal process.

For the most current benefits, member pricing, and options check out https://www.sima.org/join