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What is MySIMA, and how do I use it?

Describes the function of My.sima.org and how you can use it to access tools and key member benefits.

SIMA membership benefits are expansive, and it can be a bit overwhelming to find the resources you need. With this in mind, we have tried to create a web space that houses access to most of our member benefits, along with handling a number of key membership-related items. We call it MySIMA, and its located a my.sima.org.

Accessing MySIMA
This part is easy enough, just visit my.sima.org or click on the MySIMA main navigation link at sima.org. We do encourage you to be logged in when you do so, this will help you leverage all of the member benefits if you are an active member of SIMA.

MySIMA provides the following helpful services, some to members-only, some available to all:

Train.sima.org Access
We try to make it easy to link over to train.sima.org from this web space, as that is a key place to access members-only training courses we offer.

Downloadable Documents
Members get instant access to download template contracts, basic production rates, operations and safety downloads, SIMA marketing collateral, and more. These documents are housed in libraries at My.sima.org, you must be logged in and have an active membership to download them.

SIMA Directories
We house 2 major directories of members at MySIMA, one for finding me

mbers who are Snow Contractors, and one for members who are Suppliers, or provide a good or service to the industry. The directories are easily accessible from the MySIMA section of SIMA's website navigation.

Glossary of Terms
The Snow & Ice Management Standard Glossary of Terms (Glossary) is provided as a general reference for the snow and ice management industry, designed to help all industry stakeholders communicate more effectively. Its a great resource to align your contractual language and training language with industry-approved definitions. You do NOT have to be a member to access the glossary, anyone can do so anytime here.

Note: If you are having an issue or problem at My.sima.org, you'll notice our chat option is not available there, since its a third party web partner. You can always jump over to any main page at www.sima.org and use our chat to ask questions related to MySIMA.