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What do I need to know about renewing my SIMA membership?

Simple tips and info to help make the renewal process easy.

General Renewal Info
Membership at SIMA is company-based, with member benefits 'flowing' down to individuals tied to the company account. In order to join or renew with us online, you must have an organizational (company) account and log in as the company, not as an individual, in order to join and renew your membership. Furthermore, only certain types of individuals tied to your company account have the access to join/renew.

To be logged in as the company, you can visit the SIMA Portal and login with your your individual username and password, then toggle to the company account in the profile section in the upper right corner.

Individual Relationships to Company Account

SIMA has 3 different relationships you can assign to people tied to your company account, as follows:

Primary Contacts
This individual is typically the main contact for the company, and will receive any SIMA-focused emails, updates, and membership renewal notifications. They can edit the company account, join/renew, and add/remove other individuals tied the company account. While you can have more than 1 primary contact in the system, we recommend limiting this to 1-2 key people. Keep in mind that primary contacts also show up as contacts tied to the company in our directories online.

Billing Contacts
Individuals designated as billing contacts have all the same access/permissions as primary contacts, and they do receive renewal information tied to membership. This is primarily used if the Primary contact(s) want an additional person to receive renewal information. These relationships do not show in the directory.

Secondary Contacts
These relationships do NOT have the power to change/update company account information, nor can they renew on behalf of the company in their accounts. They do not show in the directories and are primarily used when registering individuals for events, providing training/credentials access for employees, etc.

Currently, there is no limit to the number contacts a company can have tied to their account, and all types of contacts receive member benefits online at My.sima.org and Train.sima.org.

Renewing online
Renewing online is the quickest and easiest method, and we highly encourage using our self-service portal to do so. You can renew your membership anytime and it will extend out the appropriate amount of time to expiration, so don't worry about losing money by renewing early, it will just be added on to your existing membership term.

Visit our portal and login with your individual username and id, then toggle to the organizational profile. If you are a primary or billing contact (see above), then use the account profile section (upper right) to visit the membership or My Account areas to renew.

SIMA will provide 5-6 renewal reminders leading up to your expiration date. If your membership is not paid by expiry, your membership will be dropped. Don't worry, it is easily reinstated in our portal anytime!

SIMA does provide an auto-renewal option that can be toggled on during the join or renewal process online. You must provide a saved credit card or bank account in order to participate. In order for us to auto-renew you, your card may be charge up to 90 days prior to your upcoming expiration date.