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What do I need to know about renewing my SIMA membership?

Simple tips and info to help make the renewal process easy.

General Renewal Info
Membership at SIMA is company-based, with member benefits 'flowing' down to individuals tied to the company account. When you join you provide a contact who serves as the Primary Contact for us to reach out to for billing and account purposes.

Individual Relationships to Company Account

SIMA has 3 different relationships you can assign to people tied to your company account, as follows:

Primary Contacts
This individual is typically the main contact for the company, and will receive any SIMA-focused emails, updates, and membership renewal notifications. 

Billing Contacts
Individuals designated as billing contacts have all the same access/permissions as primary contacts, and they do receive renewal information tied to membership. This is primarily used if the Primary contact(s) want an additional person to receive renewal information. 

Standard Contacts
These relationships do NOT have the power to change/update company account information, nor can they renew on behalf of the company in their accounts. This type of contact is primarily used when registering individuals for events, providing training/credentials access for employees, etc.

Currently, there is no limit to the number contacts a company can have tied to their account, and all types of contacts receive member benefits online at Customer.sima.org and Train.sima.org.

Renewing online
SIMA is now configured to create automatic renewals for members, including automatic payments. As you join or renew, we encourage you to add in a saved payment so that your account is auto-renewed on your expiration date. If you do not, the system should still send you an invoice prior to expiry, and you will hear from us as well. If you want to kickstart the renewal process or just get a status update, go here