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What are the policies for exhibiting with SIMA at the Snow & Ice Symposium?

Defines the nature of purchasing, managing, and cancelling booth space rental with SIMA as one of our exhibitors.

For the most up-to-date exhibitor contract and terms and conditions, download this pdf contract

This document covers the following:

Payment & Terms
Cancellation Policy
Space Assignments & Inclusions
Licenses & Permits
Liability & Insurance
Exhibitor Name Badges & Access
Installation & Dismantling
Exhibit Content
Fire, Safety and health
Exhibit Rules and Regs
Exhibitor Operation and Conduct
Photography, Audio, Video & Multimedia
Exhibitor's Authorized Representative
Property Loss or Damage
No Assignment or “Subletting”
Disputes with contractors, Unions or other exhibitors
Acceptance of Contract
Choice of Law and Forum
Other Rules & Regs