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What are SIMA's general membership Terms and Conditions?

Details on membership refunds/cancellations, auto-renewals and saved payment info.

SIMA makes all efforts to ensure the privacy of customers and members. Member company information will be listed online at www.sima.org in the membership directory, and at any time a member can request to opt-out of the directory listing by emailing info@sima.org. Email addresses of members are only listed in the directory when a member furnishes a desired email address and opts-in to share an email in the directory. All purchases, informational requests, and transactions are confidential and not shared with third parties, and SIMA does not maintain on any local servers or paper files credit card information of customers and members. SIMA does make available to supplier members and exhibitors in the industry a mailing list of members upon request. SIMA does not share to public lists or suppliers member email addresses.

Membership Refunds and Cancelations 
Refunds for a membership will be provided within 3 business days of the reception of payment for a new or renewing member, with the following conditions:

  • If organizational/individual accounts tied to the membership have downloaded/accessed/viewed any of the available documents, courses, or training online via SIMA, the refund will be allocated minus the current non-member rates for any resources downloaded/viewed online as part of SIMA member value
  • If organizational/individual accounts tied to the membership have not downloaded/accessed/viewed any of the available documents, courses, or training online via SIMA, a full refund will be process
  • After 3 business days, no refunds will be made available for membership purchases. Requests for refunds in membership must be emailed to Info@sima.org. Membership can be cancelled at any time by requesting such cancellation in an email to Info@sima.org. Any membership cancellations that take place more than 3 business days after purchase of a membership will not receive any refunds, however all membership-related listings, benefits, and values will be cancelled.

Membership Auto-Renewal/Saved Payment Method Policy 
SIMA will only enable members to save payment information and/or establish auto-renewals for membership purchases in the following ways:

  • Telephone [Credit Card Only]: Staff confirms verbally that customer wants to save payment/setup auto-renewal information in our system, communicating that it is secure and no-account information is stored at SIMA. SIMA staff person will document with an activity note in the associations information management system (tied to the customer account) that the customer requested payment information/auto renewal over the phone, documenting the date, time and any pertinent details.
  • Written Authorization [Credit Card Only]: SIMA will provide a checkbox and some language on our membership and product order forms that customers can check, asking for payment information to be saved to their account/ability to set  up auto-renewal feature (membership forms only) and save this paperwork in a file. SIMA will not solicit credit card numbers via email for security purposes, and credit card numbers numbers will be made completely illegible on any filed paperwork.
  • Electronic [Credit Card and eCheck]: SIMA’s Association Management System, Membersuite, works with a third-party PCI compliant merchant processing service to provide a secure method of storing echeck and credit card information and allowing setup of auto-renewals. No account information is stored locally at SIMA or Membersuite. Members and customers will be able to access, add, change or remove their Saved Payment Methods/Auto-renewal settings anytime via the Customer Portal. For more information about Membersuite visit www.membersuite.com