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What are exhibitor priority points and how do they work?

Summary of how SIMA makes its first booth allocation based on priority points.

Each Fall SIMA does an initial booth space allocation for the upcoming Snow & Ice Trade Symposium trade show. The association makes this allocation based first on priority points established by returning exhibitors/advertisers. These points are documented and added to any prior point balance that may exist for an exhibitor. Generally, points are awarded each year tied to:

  • Prior year exhibition, tied to square footage
  • Prior year print advertising in Snow Business magazine
  • Prior year sponsorships of SIMA programs or events

The initial priority points allocation process works as follows:

  • SIMA sets a Priority Points Deadline each summer/early fall, communicating it to all previous exhibitors. This date reflects the date we must receive a booth contract for the following year's show, in order to be included in the initial booth space allocation.
  • Once the deadline has passed, SIMA staff calculate all new priority points earned and add them to company priority point balances. 
  • Booth space requests are then reviewed and honored based first on the most priority points accrued over time. 

Once the initial priority points allocation process is complete and the first draft of the floor plan produced, any remaining booth exhibit purchases are conducted on a first-come, first-serve basis.