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How to stay in touch with SIMA or get help

Learn how you can engage long term with SIMA, opt-in to various communication methods, or get some help.

SIMA has a great many resources, announcements, events, and benefits to industry stakeholders, so it's essential to stay in touch as much as you choose. Here are several ways to do just that!

Get our magazine and eNews
Snow Business magazine is a print and digital publication that is produced 6x’s per year. We also provide monthly eNews updates related to industry news, equipment videos, product showcase information, and much more. 

Opt-in to receive print and/or digital updates here 

Opt-in to occasional text messages
SIMA doesn’t want you to miss key deadlines and reminders that make it easier to stay connected. Sign up to receive critical text messages concerning:

-Membership renewal updates
-Event registration deadlines
-Key industry announcements  

Get started now!

Utilize the web chat
Most of our web pages provide a web-based chat that can help you find information and services, and if needed, connect you to a live staff member or get a follow up communication when the correct staff person becomes available.

Look for the Chat icon in the bottom right-corner, it looks like this:

Chat Image

Please note: We work with several web services, so the chat function is not always present on all SIMA-branded pages. If you are on web pages with My.sima.org or Train.sima.org addresses, you will not see the chat icon. Don't worry though, you can always open a new tab and go to sima.org home page to access the chat!