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How does SIMA’s Annual Training Video Series work?

Learn more about SIMA's Annual refresher training video series and its roll in training verification.

Finding quality training resources in the industry is difficult, for sure.

SIMA’s Annual Training Video Series is designed to help:

  • Provide high quality training tied to best practices and reviewed by experts
  • Serve as refresher training for returning employees as well as new recruits
  • Elevate the focus of safety in the snow management workplace

The series consists of 6 videos total, as follows:

  • Containment Snow Plows and Pushers - 34 minutes
  • Essential Snowplowing Techniques - 31 minutes
  • Winter Walkway Safety - 33 minutes
  • Skid Steer Loaders and Compact Equipment - 56 minutes
  • Snow Site Engineering and Planning - 10 minutes
  • Snowplowing Safety and Preparation - 15 minutes
How to use the video series for verification

Verification of skill and knowledge is an essential part of a quality training program. With the SIMA All-Access Pass for video series, participating companies can train any number of employees at their company in the videos that fit their role, including a short assessment submission at the end of each video. Verification can also take place via a certificate of completion (issued by the company, not SIMA).

Once verification is established, this information can be shared with customers, prospects, and insurance providers to help differentiate unstandardized training from that of SIMA’s training content.

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