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How do you report a serious complaint?

Describes the complaints/potential ethics violation submission process in place at SIMA.

SIMA takes its role in the industry seriously. Occasionally, various members, industry stakeholders and even the public may find a grievance with the association or one of its members. Our goal is to provide clear direction on how steps to take to notify SIMA, and present a clear and consistent process for follow up.

We do strongly believe in our Code of Ethics [link], and we ask all our members to voluntarily follow that code.

Before you file an ethics complaint/grievance
If financial or other damages are being sought, it’s generally advised to contact an attorney or file a complaint in small claims court. It may also be helpful to refer them to check with your local Better Business Bureau, as the BBB has a formal complaint process.

If you do feel the need to move forward with a complaint, please fill out this form. It will request Name/Contact information, and more detailed information on the nature and parties involved in the complaint.

Ethics complaints will be reviewed by the CEO and an initial communication will follow within a reasonable time frame.