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How do I get started with industry credentials and certifications?

An overview of the Certified Snow Professional, Advanced Snow Manager, and Liquids credentials & certificates.

There are a number of credentialing and certificate programs available through SIMA to help snow professionals grow in professionalism and knowledge. They can also be great career moves and resume-builders. Here is a breakdown of each program.

Certified Snow Professional (CSP) Certification Program

This is the industry certification for business owners and executives, whose core focus is managing the business. It's a full certification program, which means the following:

There are prerequisites that an individual must meet before becoming eligible for testing.
There is a robust and comprehensive exam, offered once per month online, that must be passed prior to receiving certification status.
Continuing education credits must be submitted annually to SIMA along with an annual renewal fee in order to maintain status as a CSP.

A comprehensive downloadable guide and more information on study materials is located on our CSP web page sima.org/getcsp.

Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) Certificate Program

This high-quality certificate training program includes 4 online courses, which, when completed, designate an individual as an Advanced Snow Manager. This training credential does NOT have prerequisites or continuing education requirements, nor does it have an ongoing annual fee.

The ASM program is designed for operations professionals, especially those overseeing crews, sections, or divisions, as well as operations managers to train and verify their knowledge in many operational areas of the snow industry.

A comprehensive downloadable guide and more information is located on our ASM web page at sima.org/getasm.

Fundamentals of Anti-icing & Liquids Certificate Program

This certificate course is available on-demand at Train.sima.org, and is free to members of SIMA. Any number of member company employees can take this online immersive course and get up to speed in a critical area of proactive snow and ice management. Non-members can purchase the course at Train.sima.org.

Get more information on the program at sima.org/liquids

SIMA can help you create a custom package of credentialing programs for your team, including setup of individuals and more. Contact us for information.