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How do I access on-demand member courses?

A little help with getting access to SIMA's on-demand member training courses at Train.sima.org.

Any employee of a member in good standing can access many resources, including on-demand videos of a variety of snow-focused topics. These are typically recorded webinars and discussions from subject matter experts.

To Access:

  • Ensure your SIMA account is in good standing, and you have a login username and password set up with SIMA.
  • Visit Train.sima.org and login using your SIMA account login credentials.
  • Review courses and follow prompts. Note: some courses at Train.sima.org do have additional fees, but there are a significant number of members-only courses easily found.
Membership is required and must be in good standing. Membership-related information is here.

Is there verification of the on-demand member-only courses available?
Yes, part of our mission is to empower professionals for success in the industry, and we firmly believe in verification of training. Each on-demand course provides a short and simple assessment to test the core knowledge of the course, complete with a printable certificate at the end.