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How do I set up auto-renewal for membership?

Quick how-to video on making sure your SIMA membership is set to auto-renew!

Setting up auto-renewal is the first step in ensuring that your membership experience is seamless. If our members are set to auto-renew, it saves the association a major amount of time and expense trying to get members to renew, and it allows you to leverage your member benefits quickly and easily! See the video below, or some screen shots below the video, for a quick walk-through:

HubSpot Video


Screenshot walkthrough

Step 1: Log in as the organization (toggle between individual and org in the upper right-hand corner). Only Primary and Billing contacts for the company can log in as the org and make these changes.

1_Login as Org


Step 2: Select Account/Saved Payments
2_Account_Saved Payments Click


Step 3: Click the Membership Tab 3_Membership Tab


Step 4: Click on Snow & Ice Management Association to access membership payment details

4_SIMA Renewal


Step 5: Toggle on the 'Please charge my credit card...' check box. Note, you must ensure a Saved Payment is assigned to the membership auto-renewal (see next section). 5_Auto renew toggled


Ensuring credit card info is saved to auto-renew

Step 1: While logged in as organization, click the Accounts/Saved Payments drop down and then click on the My Account tab. Add a new payment type to your organizational account.

2_Saved Payments Toggled

Step 2: Select the Membership tab and ensure the saved payment you added is associated with the auto-renewal by adding it under the Payment Method below the auto-renewal checkbox.  3_Pull Saved into Membership


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