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How do I set up auto-renewal for membership?

Its the best way to stay engaged and not worry about renewing!

Setting up auto-renewal is easy now with SIMA's system. When you join or when you renew, you will be able to enter credit card or bank account information and toggle on the auto-renewal option. If you do this, whether you are a monthly member or annual, the system will auto-charge you on your next expiration date. 

If you prefer not to have auto-pay on, the system will still invoice you each year automatically, but we always encourage our members to add their next expiration date into their own calendars to ensure continuity of membership.

If you are a current member who wants to renew and setup auto-pay, start by filling out this form!

If you aren't a member yet and want to learn more about joining, visit sima.org/join!


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